Welcome, Villager! 

You are on this island to build a cosy little town for the peeple that want to live here.

Gather wood and stones to build and unlock other buildings. Some produce resources for you, others make your inhabitants happy. Well-fed and happy peeple produce more resources, but keep them hungry or sad and they will leave. They might seem a bit lazy, but without them, buildings won't produce anything!

Build your first house and somebody will come soon, but there is no rush! Take your time and explore the island. There is no pressing matter, no harsh lose-condition, so be creative and build something beautiful.

Be good to them, and have fun.


This little game started as a quarantine project, partly inspired by my desire to create a relaxing city-builder and mostly inspired by this amazing tile-set by Cluly.

This is a pico-8 project, so the default controls are Z, X, and the arrow-keys.

Can also be found on the pico-8 BBS.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(228 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, City Builder, Creative, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Relaxing
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


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10/10 game! wish i could save tho

Awesome game, I got to 101 villagers I refuse to get more. 10/10 game

Cozy little game. Like it so much. Good job!


A lovely little game - but I'd definitely play it more if there was a save feature. It's a shame to lose everything and I don't always have time to sit down and play for v long.

I love it; almost got to 70 villagers but ran out of food


note to all future player

Well is superior to everything in happiness section 

OK. . . . maybe I was a little more just a little bored....yes this game is very good congratulations

Publish more project this was cool.

tr猫s cool mais pas de sauvegarde

cool game

Amazing game! Really addicting.

Personally, like most people, I want more features. And saves

I got 999 in almost everything (except villagers and happiness) and it doesn't go farther than that. I got 30 villagers. 



this game is playable on smart tv's

because of an game app



Amazing! I got 12 villagers and built everything. The only thing I would add is a barracks to train soldiers and some random raiders that destoy buildings. So much fun! Thanks for making it!


I played this for like a day, some time ago, and ocassionally think of it. A saving option would be so nice, since it reset itself a lot for me on the phone (most likely I just closed it on accident). But starting from the beginning isn't so much fun, when you had already build something you liked :( But I can only recommend it! It's so nice and just easy to play and experiment with :)

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nice but i wish there was more to do like for example ways to modify the terrain like digging and more info about to different buildings and there porpoise, oh yeah and also saving

It's cute and quite enjoyable. A bit buggy but I'm sure you'll iron it out eventually.


How can I play on Mobile? 馃


It's hard to pull myself away from this! It's a perfect relaxing, zone out game. And it's so cute


Cute game!

I've been playing for an hour and this is pretty engaging. :3




Game is pretty cool and fun and all but a saving feature would be the cherry on the cake, and maybe a few more decorative option, like making an artificial river.

wouldnt it be Better having more to build ?


It would be better too, but like, I don't know, making my perfect little town doesn't mean for me having a ton of things in it, rather having a ton of pretty spots


Yea Understandable


Cool game

its the beast but i wish it would save the game

i love this game so much! is there ever going to be any updates


Really enjoyed building a tiny town, the art is lovely!


Good game. Keep it up鈾♀櫋

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Great game! It gives me some Kingdom of Keflings vibes, which I used to play a lot. Though I wish it had more sound effects.

Edit: Nevermind, I just had my volume down lol

but can i win?


Thank you for a few hours of fun. Help me relax on my day off.


Great Game! I love it to play it on my phone :) thank u! 

How did you do that? 馃


How did you play it on mobile?


Here u can play it on ur Webbrowser on phone or u search for pico8 Player on Google Playstore :)

Thanks :]馃憤馃徏

Great game!

why is first player always keyboard

i cant build a stone storage

i have the materials and everything


I expected the game to stop at 99 peeple, but it didn't. At this point I decided not to wait to reach 999!

Can you make an android apk file instead of zip because I cant install the file


I fear I don't have quite the time for that, but you can also just play in the browser (just press the play button on the page), works great on mobile phones :)



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Google P8 player (its free on google play store) download and install
Google villager lexaloffle
Click 1st link you find
In game window in lower left corner click or right click cart icon to open it in new window and copy image url
Open P8 player and click + sign on lower right
Paste URL and hit check mark on the right
Have fun <('.' <)

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